Are you over 50? Tired of feeling weak, deflated and out-of-shape?

Mindful Barbell was created for middle-aged men and women that want to get stronger and feel better about themselves, but just don’t know where to start.

Our time-tested workout system is based on a special group of exercises that reliably build muscle, increase strength and improve muscle tone in people over the age of 50.

You’ll see amazing results in as little as 90 days without having to spend more than 60 minutes a week in the gym.


Get stronger and improve muscle tone in just 60 minutes a week.

I’m ready to get started!

“As I go into my seventies, I want to be as strong as I can be.” 

Barbara doesn’t like to exercise, but she knows it’s important to stay strong as you get older. As she enters her seventies, Barbara wanted to make sure that she would have the strength and stamina to keep up with her two small grandsons.

Mindful Barbell’s strength program and professional coaching give her the personal support and motivation that she needs to retain muscle, increase strength and improve her stamina.

Those grandkids won’t know what hit ‘em. 


Everyday, you lose a little bit of muscle.


Can you afford to wait another day to start strength training?

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Lindsay’s Story: How lifting weights made her already active life even better.

Lindsay enjoys playing with her grandson.

Lindsay is a proud grandparent.  If she wants to keep up with her fast-moving 5-year-old grandson, then she knows that she’ll need to stay strong and move better.

Lindsay’s always been active and independent. She hikes and walks with her friends and her dog, Bodie. Walking and hiking alone weren’t going to be enough to keep her strong. She needed to add regular strength training and stretching to her exercise routine. 

Here are just a few of the positive results Lindsay has experienced from her weight-lifting program:

Stronger muscles.

Lindsay’s been lifting weights for eight months. She feels stronger and more confident after each workout. The personal attention from the one-on-one sessions coupled with the private workout facility was perfect for Lindsay. She felt comfortable working out under the supervision of an experienced trainer.

Fewer aches and pains.

Lindsay’s lower back and right knee were often sore and tight. Sometimes, her back pain would be so bad that she couldn’t go out for a hike. Her program focused on stretching these tight muscle groups which made a noticeable difference in her ability to get out and move without pain. 

Greater self-confidence.

Lindsay is getting ready to tackle her biggest challenge: Mount Everest. Already, she feels stronger and more stable when she hikes up steep inclines and through rugged terrain. She has no doubts that if she continues to work out that she will be able to overcome any challenge and stay active.

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What makes our workouts different?


Mindful Barbell’s

Five Foundational Pillars.

Our time-tested and scientifically-proven methods get you measureable results in as little as 90 days.


Functional Strength Training

We strengthen everyday movements. Squats, lunges, presses and pulls build the foundation of our program.


High-Intensity Intervals

We get your heart rate up fast and keep it there for just a few minutes. It gives you greater aerobic benefit is less time.


Restorative Stretching Techniques

Stretches improve muscle flexibility and joint mobility. Multiple poses are held for up to five minutes at a time.


Mindfulness Activities

Mindful exercise reduces stress & anxiety. Cognitive training improves mental focus & reaction time.


Balance Exercises

Balance work increases muscle strength and joint support, improves mobility and reduces injuries and falls.

Ready to get started?

Just follow these 3 easy steps.


Book a Free Strategy Call. 

Our 15-minute strategy call gives us a chance to learn about your fitness goals, uncover any past or current health problems and answer your questions. With a clear understanding of your goals, we map out a successful plan to reach them.


Participate in Discovery Week.

We’ll teach you our basic strength training and mindfulness exercises over this three-session week. This time together was created to make you more comfortable working out in our studio and help you decide if our training style is right for you.


Create your 4-week Program.

We have two ways to reach your goals: a customized, one-on-one session or a collaborative, small group workout. Each option has its own benefits and both plans use a combination of strength, cardio, stretching and mindfulness exercises.

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Two great pricing options to meet any budget. 

Mindful Barbell offers two great pricing options to meet any budget. Choose from the personalized attention and scheduling convenience of our one-on-one training or the camaraderie and affordability of our small group workouts. 

One-on-one Training

$80 session

Top features include:

  • Convenience
  • Customized programs
  • Personalized attention
  • Safety and injury prevention
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Small Group Workouts

$30 session

Top features include:

  • Make new friends
  • Greater accountability 
  • Less expensive 
  • More exercise variety
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Hi. I’m Jon Speakman.

Owner and personal trainer at Mindful Barbell.

My father struggled with his physical health throughout his entire life. As he got older, he lost muscle strength, experienced more aches and pains and grew more sedentary. Over time, he became more isolated and alone until his death at 73. 

Watching my father’s gradual physical decline motivated me to become a personal trainer. After 19 years in the fitness industry, I’ve helped hundreds of people get stronger, move better and avoid the chronic pain and nagging injuries that keep too many of us alone and on the sidelines as we get older. 

Before moving to Santa Barbara in 2020, I lived 25 years in Austin, Texas where I owned several gyms.

I recently moved to Fountain Hills in January of 2024.  After four years in Santa Barbara, I’m excited to bring the Mindful Barbell concept to Arizona.

I’ve been a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the NSCA since 2007. 

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You don’t have to know what to do.  I’ve figured it all out for you.

Why waste your time working out in some ordinary gym? They’re not going to tell you the right combination of exercises for you to get stronger and feel your absolute best. They might give you a cookie-cutter list of exercises to do, but are those exercises the best ones for you and your goals?  Will these ordinary gyms show you how to do the exercises correctly - with perfect form - performed at the right tempo - to guarantee that you get the results the you want in the least amount of time?  I seriously doubt it. They may give you a clean towel.

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This free, 24-page illustrated e-book explains in great detail the 6 exercises that you need to be doing today in order to stay strong and independent for the rest of your life. The incredible thing about this revolutionary workout plan is that it only takes 30 minutes a week in the gym to complete it. Get ready to build the strength and stamina that you need to easily lift that 30-pound bag of dry dog food out of your car and into the house without relying on someone else to help you.

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